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Davis -2- Crist -0-

Davis Earns Strong Reviews of Debate Performance
Florida Media Outlets Say Crist Struggled While Davis Looked Strong
TAMPA – Media reports across Florida this morning confirm most Floridians’ impressions of last night’s second gubernatorial debate:  Democratic nominee Jim Davis showed the depth and substance Floridians want in their next governor, while Crist struggled to defend his record on issues like rising crime rates, rising insurance costs and government intrusion into the life of Terri Schiavo.
Listed below is just a sampling of this morning’s coverage of Davis ’s performance:
MacManus:   Davis “Came Through” and was the “Winner” of the Debate
Offering her own post-debate spin on WFLA-TV, Dr. Susan MacManus said Davis’s strong performance earned him the support of undecided voters, making him the “winner”:  “Well I certainly think [the undecided voters] learned a lot about who can act best under fire and who really knows the facts, and I have to say that I think Davis really came through with a lot of facts, and if I had to score a winner, it’d probably be him.”  [WFLA-NBC, 10.30.06]
Adam Smith: Davis ’s Performance Showed Voters “A Smart and Steady Prospective Governor”
Noting Davis ’s win over Crist in last week’s debate, Adam Smith of the St. Petersburg Times called Davis ’s performance last night even “stronger.”  He said “Davis came off as comfortable and quick on his feet,” and compared Crist’s poor performance to Bill McBride’s during the 2002 debate: “Crist in contrast seemed not even to have a decent sound bite ready — a la Bill McBride in his 2002 debate with Gov. Jeb Bush.”  Smith said Davis ’s performance would influence undecided voters who would see him as a “smart and steady prospective governor.”  [ St. Petersburg Times, 10.31.06]
Scott Maxwell:   Davis “Seemed Confident” and “Convincing”
Scott Maxwell of the Orlando Sentinel said Davis “held his own” during the debate:  “ Davis seemed confident -- especially when calling out Crist, who sat on the sidelines in the Schiavo case. After Crist claimed he opposed Jeb Bush’s intervention in the case, Davis calmly responded in convincing fashion:  ‘No, he didn’t. Charlie refused to take a position.’ Couple that with Davis’ repeatedly stressing that Crist talks about wanting to take on insurance companies now, when he has done little on that front as attorney general, and Davis helped create an image of a man who was more talk than action.” [Orlando Sentinel, 10.31.06]
Tampa Tribune: “Crist Took a Pounding” While Davis Had His “Best Moment”
The Tampa Tribune said Crist spent most of the debate on the defensive:  “In the raucous atmosphere… [the] normally mild-mannered Crist took a pounding.”  Davis , on the other hand, emerged looking strong: “[t]he debate turned into what some considered the best moment so far in Davis ' underdog campaign.” [ Tampa Tribune, 10.31.06]
Sun-Sentinel: Crist “Appeared Uncharacteristically Angered by the Questioning”
The Sun-Sentinel said Davis handled the tough questioning better than Crist: “Crist appeared uncharacteristically angered by the questioning, while Davis, who in previous debates and stage appearances has appeared nervous, delved a bit more eagerly into the verbal tussle.”  [Sun-Sentinel, 10.31.06]
Miami Herald: Crist “on the Defensive” on His Record on Crime
“Crist found himself on the defensive on the issue that has been at the forefront of the attorney general's platform: crime. Crist claimed that crime ‘has gone down in our state,’ but when Matthews noted that violent crime was up, Crist responded: ‘The only violent crime that’s up is murder.’  That prompted Matthews to compare Crist to disgraced Washington Mayor Marion Berry, who used to boast that crime was down even though murder was up. ‘For most people, murder is the big one,’ Matthews said.”  [Miami Herald, 10.31.06]
Orlando Sentinel: Crist “Skewered” for Use of Crime Statistics
“At one point, Matthews skewered Crist for touting the state’s record-low crime rate, even as the candidate acknowledged that murders in Florida , particularly in Orlando , are soaring.  Matthews said Crist sounded like disgraced former Washington , D.C. , mayor Marion Barry.  ‘For most people, murder is the big one. Why didn't you say that?’ Matthews said. ‘Crime is going down, but murder is going up? That's what Marion Barry used to say in D.C.’” [Orlando Sentinel, 10.31.06]
Sun-Sentinel: Davis Used Opportunity To “Flay” Crist on Property Insurance Issue
According to the Sun-Sentinel: “Near the end of the debate, Matthews directed the conversation toward the topic that has overwhelmed the campaign up until now -- homeowner insurance costs.  Davis used the topic to flay Crist for wanting to "stay the course" with Republican policies and for failing to stand up to powerful insurance lobbyists…. Davis blasted Crist for reportedly accepting at least $2 million campaign donations from insurers and criticized Crist's proposal to stabilize the market, even suggesting that Jeb Bush, who attended the debate, has expressed doubts about the workability of his solutions.”  [Sun-Sentinel, 10.31.06]
Miami Herald: “Crist Made a Few Misstatements”
“Crist made a few misstatements. He said that before Sept. 11, the U.S. ‘had never been attacked on our soil before,’ overlooking Pearl Harbor . He also said he opposed congressional efforts to stop the husband of Terri Schiavo from removing the brain-damaged woman’s feeding tubes; but Crist did not take a public position until months after the controversy was over.” [ Miami Herald, 10.31.06]
Palm Beach Post: Crist Claims on Schiavo Not “Borne Out By The Record”
“In another instance, Matthews pressed Crist on the Republican-led intervention into the Terri Schiavo case, asking whether he had taken a position during the state and federal maneuvering over the fate of the brain-damaged woman. Crist finally said: ‘Yes, I did.’… Crist's statement does not appear to be borne out by the record. Crist, the state's top lawyer, was noticeably absent from the discussion at the time and did not take a public stand. During the first debate, Crist said that lack of a public position was proof of his sentiment on the matter. ‘That’s why I stayed out ... because it wasn’t the right thing to do in my point of view,’ Crist said last week.” [Palm Beach Post, 10.31.06]

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A October Suprise?

Or A Trick-Or-Treat

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Bill Nelson ponies up

Sen. Nelson is the latest Democrat to transfer cash to the party from his campaign account:
Democratic U.S. Sen. Bill Nelson -- ahead in the polls and in fundraising -- transferred another $250,000 to the Florida Democratic Party on Thursday, a sign that his campaign is confident of a win and in his ability to help his party.
Nelson already had given $250,000 to the state party in September and raised another $600,000 for the party and tight races for governor, attorney general and chief financial officer.
The Orlando Democrat also raised or donated $1.2 million to the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee, bringing his total contribution to the party in the 2006 elections to $2.3 million.
There are others. The point of the Use It Or Lose It campaign isn't to give kudos for money "raised" for others. Those are usually merely campaign appearances that also serve to further their own political ends, or an email blast in which politicians take credit for the generosity of their list members. Those help, but they aren't what we've been talking about.
We're talking about digging into their bank accounts, and Nelson has done so to the tune of $500K to the Florida Democratic Party (which is helping run several competitive state and federal races), and an undisclosed amount more for the DSCC. This is particularly encouraging given that he's still working to put Katherine Harris' political career out of its misery.

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Clay Shaw Flip Flopping

Clay Shaw says one thing and does another, this last week he ran a radio ad in Palm Beach
touting his support of Bill Clinton
While Having one of the highest pro Bush Voting records in the House
How  Much Did Shaw Vote with Bush?  

Pentagon kept tabs on Broward antiwar group

ACLU documents: Pentagon kept tabs on Broward antiwar group

Miami Herald Staff Report

The Pentagon kept tabs on nonviolent protesters of the Iraq
war -- including a Broward County group that planned a protest
for the annual Fort Lauderdale Air and Sea Show -- by collecting
information and storing it in a military antiterrorism database,
according to documents released today by the American Civil
Liberties Union.

The documents, which the ACLU posted today at its website,,
were obtained from the Department of Defense under the federal
Freedom of Information Act, the civil-liberties group said.

The documents indicate that the Miami-Dade Police Department
sent information to the Pentagon in April 2005, reporting on a
planned protest by the Broward Anti-War Coalition.

''The Broward Anti-War Coalition (BAWC), with support from
other local groups . . . is planning to conduct a large-scale
protest at the Fort Lauderdale Air and Sea Show,'' says the
report, dated April 12, 2005. One section of the document says,
``Incident type: suspicious activities/incidents.''

'BAWC plans to counter military recruitment and the `pro-war'
message with guerrilla theater and other forms of subversive
propaganda,'' the report says.

The report was made part of the Department of Defense's Threat
and Local Observation Notice database, or TALON, the ACLU said.

''It is clear that many people have become alarmed at how the
Bush Administration has run roughshod over the Constitution in
its response to the terrorist attacks of 9/11,'' said Howard
Simon, executive director of the ACLU of Florida, in a news
release. ``The ACLU plays a vital role in challenging many of
these excesses, including the warrantless spying on Americans.''

The ACLU said that the documents it had obtained from the
Pentagon show that the TALON database, which was intended to
track groups or individuals with links to terrorism, was being
used to store information on antiwar protesters gleaned by the
Department of Homeland Security, local police departments and the
FBI's Joint Terrorism Task Forces.

Representatives of the Miami-Dade Police Department could not
be reached for immediate comment. Rather than comment
immediately, the Pentagon asked that questions be submitted in

The ACLU's news release cites other examples of information
gathering on antiwar groups from around the country:

• One document, labeled ''potential terrorist
activity,'' lists events such as a ''Stop the War NOW!'' rally in
Akron, Ohio on March 19, 2005 by the American Friends Service
Committee (AFSC). The source of the report notes that the rally
''will have a March and Reading of Names of War Dead'' and that
marchers would pass a military recruitment station and the local
FBI office along the way.

• Other documents contain information on a series of
protests mistakenly identified as taking place in Springfield,
Ill., when they really occurred in Springfield, Mass.

• In a document listing upcoming Atlanta area
protests by the Georgia Peace and Justice Coalition, the Pentagon
-- citing the Department of Homeland Security as its source --
states that the Students for Peace and Justice network poses a
threat to DOD personnel.

To support that claim, the TALON report cites previous acts of
civil disobedience in California and Texas, including sit-ins,
disruptions at recruitment offices and street theater. Describing
one protest in Austin, Texas, the document notes: 'The protesters
blocked the entrance to the recruitment office with two coffins,
one draped with an American flag and the other covered with an
Iraqi flag, taped posters on the window of the office and
chanted, `No more war and occupation. You don't have to die for
an education.' ''