Robert De Niro Speaks Out After Pipe Bomb Scare: 'People Must Vote'

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De Niro was the first guest on the premiere of The Alec Baldwin Show on ABC. While there, he expressed concern for the many Republican politicians who continue to support Donald Trump in spite of the things he has said and done.
De Niro said, "Many of these people who are tied to Trump are going to be tainted for the rest of their lives." Many politicians, like Mitch McConnell and Lindsey Graham did not initially support a Trump nomination in the GOP, but have since heavily supported the president's agenda regardless of whether it is morally or fiscally sound.
For the supporters of Trump, De Niro warned, "They think they want to be with him and it's going to make them something but they are paying such a price making a deal with the Devil, it's scary."
De Niro has long been an outspoken critic of Trump, in fact he made a video prior to the 2016 election in which he urged people to vote in hopes of avoiding a Trump presidency.
While Trump may have the backing of many in the GOP, the two-time Academy Award winning actor said he can see right through Trump's act. "I know what he is and he knows what he is, cause everything he says about other people - you're a loser, you're a this, you're a that, is everything you're saying about yourself," said De Niro. He added, "He's so transparent he's projecting."
The Alec Baldwin Show airs Sundays at 10 p.m. on ABC.


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Join us at New Hope Missionary Baptist Church as we march to the Polls on Sunday, October 28th at 1:00pm!
Food, music and volunteer opportunities will be available!
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Pipe Bomb Investigation Focuses on Florida

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Image: BREAKING NEWS - Explosive devices sent to politicians, CNN mailed through Opa-locka, reports say

Explosive devices sent to politicians, CNN mailed through Opa-locka, reports say

The explosive devices sent to several politicians and broadcast networks this week were reportedly mailed through a South Florida mail facility.

Two suspicious packages addressed to former Vice President Joe Biden have been intercepted at a Delaware mail facility, and they were reportedly similar to the packages sent to other leading Democrats. The FBI linked the packages to those sent to Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, and Robert De Niro. Authorities confirmed law enforcement activity at the U.S. mail facility in New Castle. So far, none of the letter bombs have detonated and nobody has been hurt. If found to contain explosives, the Biden packages would be the ninth and 10th letter bombs sent to opponents of President Trump.

Federal authorities investigating the pipe bombs that were sent to prominent Trump critics this week have focused their search on southern Florida, according to a report. Two people briefed on the matter told The New York Times on Thursday that investigators believe a number of the explosive devices were mailed from the area. A total of 10 devices have been found across the country, including those sent to former President Barack Obama and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton on Wednesday and packages sent to actor Robert De Niro and former Vice President Joe Biden on Thursday. An analysis of information collected by the United States Postal Service indicated that many of the packages were mailed from Florida.

Read it at The New York Times

Funeral Arrangements Walter "Skip" Campbell

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If you have not heard as of yet, Coral Springs Mayor Skip Campbell passed away late last night.  Below is the information for his services.  Please pray for the Campbell family during this difficult time.


House LGBT Caucus Transgender Equality Task Force Decries Report of Trump Administration’s Transgender Erasure

Washington, D.C. – Members of the Transgender Equality Task Force of the Congressional LGBT Equality Caucus issued the following statement in response to the New York Times reports of Trump Administration plans to re-define gender specifically to exclude transgender identity.

“This nation's darkest days have always come when our government deemed civil rights conditional,” said Transgender Equality Task Force Chair Rep. Joe Kennedy (MA-04), III.  “The Trump Administration’s ongoing assault on transgender Americans betrays not just that history and not just the progress for which millions have bravely sacrificed, but our most fundamental responsibility to treat and see each other as human.  Today we raise our voices against an Administration that continues to cower to the forces of hatred and bigotry, and we tell every single transgender American that the rest of this country stands by their side.”

“Transgender Americans are exactly that: Americans. They are our friends, family, coworkers, and invaluable members of our communities that help make our nation as a whole a better place to live,” said Rep. Mike Quigley (IL-05).  “To try and deny them their right to equal access to health care, housing, education, and fair treatment under the law is nothing more than an archaic, un-American political attack that seeks to discriminate against a population that can ill afford institutionalized bigotry and condemnation.  As Vice Chair of the LGBT Equality Caucus and a founding Member of the Transgender Equality Task Force, I am proud to stand in solidarity with my Democratic colleagues and concerned citizens everywhere to say transgender Americans will never be erased. We will continue to uplift their dignity, promote equal rights for all, and fight tooth and nail to stop this despicable proposal from ever taking effect.”

“The Trump Administration’s cruel attempt to erase transgender Americans from federal equal protection laws is an attack on the dignity and even the existence of the trans community,” said Congresswoman Eleanor Holmes Norton (DC).  “We will not allow the progress we have achieved for trans equality to be rolled back.  Even before pushing this regulation, the Administration already indicated its anti-human rights intentions, making clear we must continue our fight to ensure respect and equal rights under the law for transgender Americans.”

“Plain and simple, the Trump Administration is attempting to erase transgender individuals from American life,” said Rep. Raúl M. Grijalva (AZ-03).  “From the classroom, to the doctor’s office, and to the military, the Trump Administration has relentlessly attacked the rights of transgender individuals to live their lives with dignity, respect, and protections from dangerous discrimination. Instead of leaving transgender rights at the whim of right-wing extremists in the White House, it’s time for Congress to permanently enshrine them into law by passing the Equality Act.”

“By conflating sex and gender, the Trump Administration isn’t simply demonstrating an astonishing ignorance of science and humanity, it’s violating the civil rights of 1.4 million transgender Americans,” said Rep. Jackie Speier (CA-14).  “No act undertaken by this or any President can erase our transgender friends, family, and colleagues.  But if left unchecked, President Trump’s attempt at imbuing our nation’s laws with unapologetic bigotry will embolden those already seeking to deny the trans community equal protection at work, in school, at the doctor, and in the housing market.  We will not allow this attack on transgender people’s most basic human right – that of recognition – to slip quietly into the night, nor will we allow the President or his Administration to force transgender Americans into the shadows.”

“This proposal is a targeted attack on the lives of 2 million people, effectively abandoning transgender people’s right to equal access to health care, to housing, to education, and to just treatment under the law,” said Rep. Ro Khanna (CA-17).  “Together we will reject this hateful and discriminatory agenda from the Trump Administration.”

“LGBTQ Americans deserve the same rights, justice, fairness and opportunity, period,” said Rep. A. Donald McEachin (VA-04).  “I have fought against every attempt this Administration has made to roll back progress for the LGBT community and to legitimize discrimination. The latest threat to redefine ‘sex’ is appalling and outrageous. The Trump Administration must reconsider this attack which can only be seen as an act of bigotry. If not, we will employ every tool we have to protect this vulnerable community and restore the justice they deserve.” 

LGBT Discrimination in the Workplace in South Florida / Press Conference & Forum / Thursday, October 25, 2018 at 4pm

Earlier today I appeared before the Honorable Judge Levenson in the matter of Mark Fetzer vs. Broward County School Board.  The case involved a pattern of discrimination predicated on the plaintiff’s sex and sexual orientation which he experienced while serving as  a teacher at Boyd Anderson High School.  The case has been in litigation for over four years.   Several months ago, the Broward County School Board filed a Motion for Summary Judgment wherein they effectively alleged that the Florida Civil Rights Act (FCRA) did not apply to LGBT persons.  “Under the current state of Florida law, there is simply no claim that can be made under the FCRA based on the facts as alleged by Mr. Fetzer, and summary judgment is appropriate in the School Board's favor since the complaint fails to state any claim upon which relief could be granted”, said Eugene K. Pettis, Esq.  Regretfully, the motion for summary judgment was granted, effectively ending the case with no argument as to the merits.  Contrary to the arguments made by the School Board, there are in fact no Florida Supreme Court cases which deal with FCRA’s applicability to LGBT discrimination.   The United States Court of Appeals, 11th Circuit has ruled that Title VII of the Federal Civil Rights Act does not provide protection to LGBT persons, however, LGBT employment discrimination under the FCRA has not been substantively litigated at the appellate level in State Court.  While the FCRA does mirror Title VII of the Federal Civil Rights Act, the State Court today was not bound by precedent or procedure to deny the LGBT individuals the protections of the FCRA.  This is especially true on a motion for summary judgment wherein all benefit of the doubt is cast toward the non-moving party. Mr. Fetzer is currently evaluating his options and may seek rehearing or alternatively may directly seek to appeal the issue to the State of Florida, 4th District Court of Appeals. 

Sadly, nearly the entire School Board had been made aware of the case.  Further the Superintendent was also aware of the matter and elected to take no action.  This is tragic as the School Board maintains an inclusive antidiscrimination policy which specifically forbids discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation.  In the instant case, the School Board ignored their own policy against LGBT discrimination and worse advanced a very detrimental argument that the FCRA does not support a cause of action for LGBT persons.

In light of the Federal Courts (11th Circuit) recent refusal to extend protections to LGBT persons and the outcome of todays State Court ruling, there are limited opportunities for LGBT persons to redress discrimination in the workplace.  Some might argue that there are county level protections which take form in Broward County Ordinance 16 ½ .  I have carefully reviewed Broward County Ordinance 16 ½ and while it prohibits discrimination, it lacks to the teeth necessary to punish those who violate it.   Moreover, the ordinance lacks a true judicial remedy.  As such, as we sit here today, it is lawful to discriminate against and LGBT person in the workplace without substantive consequence.    The statistics establish a clear need to address this important issue.  According to the Williams Institute of the UCLA School of Law, Florida’s legal landscape places the state’s 663,000 LGBT adults and 100,000 youth at risk of discrimination and harassment. The social, economic and health effects of stigma and discrimination against LGBT people cost hundreds of millions of dollars each year.  While the present political environment appears to be highly unfavorable to LGBT rights, it is even more incumbent upon us to aggressively champion and advocate these issues.  Over the past ten years, the Law Offices of George Castrataro, PA alone represented over 150 LGBT persons who have been the victim of LGBT discrimination and provided consultation to over 600.  Discrimination against LGBT workers in the U.S., as well as in Florida, has been widely documented.  In 2013 the Pew Research Center found that 21% of LGBT respondents reported having been treated unfairly by an employer in hiring, pay, or promotions.  The 2015 U.S. Transgender Survey report, based on the largest survey of transgender and gender non-conforming people in the U.S. to date, found that 27% of respondents reported being fired, denied a promotion, or not being hired for a job they applied for in the year prior to the survey because of their gender identity, and 15% reported being verbally, physically, or sexually harassed at work in the year prior to the survey because of their gender identity.  It is noteworthy that Broward County Public Schools (BCPS) is the sixth-largest school district in the nation and the second -largest in the state of Florida. The School District is the largest employer in the county with over 39,000 full and part time employees.

I write to you to ask for your support.  On Thursday, October 25, 2018, I will be convening a press conference regarding the Fetzer case and brief community forum at the Pride Center (located at 2040 N Dixie Hwy, Wilton Manors, FL 33305).  The purpose of the press conference and forum will include an overview of the Fetzer case and a brief discussion of immediate and long term solutions to the address the issue of LGBT Discrimination in the workplace, as well as a status on LGBT rights in the workplace.  If you are receiving this email,  it is because of your influence in our community and/or expertise in the subject area.  Please help us by making a commitment to attend.  The event should last no longer than one hour and a strong showing of support will send a message the press, the School Board, and our community that you care about this important issue.  Please also remember that the School Board election is Nov 6.  Currently Districts 1, 4, 6, 7 are all on the ballot.  Make sure you know your candidates position on this important issue and vote accordingly.  At the conclusion of the conference and forum, elected officials and candidates for office will be afforded 1 minute per person to briefly address their position in this important issue.

If you have any questions, comments or concerns, please do not hesitate to call me.

Arthur B. Smith, PA, of Counsel
707 NE 3rd Avenue; Suite 300
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33304
Phone: 954-573-1444; Fax: 954-573-6451

Yes, you can argue online without going crazy. Here’s how.

Yes, you can argue online without going crazy. Here’s how.

Do you have something pointed to tell your Twitter nemesis about Donald Trump’s business conflicts? Are you getting ready to drop an armchair analysis of Elizabeth Warren’s DNA onto your mom’s Facebook page?

Do yourself a favor and take a deep breath before hitting “post.”

Debating anything online these days can feel like taking a bat to a beehive, but it doesn’t have to be that way. The Internet was created as a vehicle for exchanging information and sharing ideas, and it can still be a great tool for that purpose — if you can keep your temper.

Read the full story. 

For help with social media see my site

Veterans Group Group say #RedTideRick is a fraud


The largest progressive group of veterans in the country continues to reign with strong political and military power and pull. is here to stay, and Florida Navy Veteran Alan Madison is not afraid to speak his mind telling Florida Governor Rick Scott, straight out, that Scott doesn’t deserve to wear a hat with the “Navy” emblem on it. 
Here is the VoteVets 30-second ad followed by the transcript and full press release.

Video transcript:
“I see Rick Scott wearing that Navy hat everywhere he goes.
Let me tell you what he did to veterans. His hospital company stole millions, defrauding the military’s health care program. Scott pled the ‘Fifth’ (Amendment) and walked away with a fortune. Today he’s worth over $200 million bucks. Veterans like me—we got cheated.
Governor, this hat represents what the Navy stands for—honor and integrity. My question to you, sir...where is yours?”

Here is the press release

VoteVets Launches Massive $4 Million Ad Blitz in Florida Senate Race, Taking On Rick Scott's Record....and That Hat

Ad features Florida Navy Veteran, highlighting Scott's defrauding of the military medical system
TALLAHASSEE, FL - The largest progressive group of veterans in America is today launching a massive $4 million television ad blitz across Florida, challenging Governor Rick Scott's record on taking care of our troops... and the Navy hat he always is seen wearing.
The ad can be found here:
The ad will run across all television markets in the state, and on satellite TV.
In the ad, Florida Navy Veteran Alan Madison says, "I see Rick Scott wearing that Navy hat everywhere he goes. But let me tell you what he did to veterans. His hospital company stole millions defrauding the military’s healthcare program. Scott plead the fifth and walked away with a fortune. And today he’s worth over two hundred million bucks. But veterans like me, we got cheated. Governor, this hat represents what the Navy stands for - honor and integrity. My question for you sir, is where’s yours?"
Indeed, Rick Scott's tenure at Columbia/HCA was best known for its historic defrauding of Medicare, Medicaid, and TRICARE, the military's health care system.  Scott resigned, and pleaded the 5th in a civil case at that time, citing ongoing criminal prosecution for his fraud.  Today he is worth hundreds of millions of dollars.

Updated Florida Polling

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It's a veritable poll-a-palooza in Florida, which has seen a ton of polling in general thanks both to its size and to the fact that it's the only state hosting both Senate and gubernatorial races this year that look like toss-ups (and in fact, that's exactly how we rate them). Perhaps most notable is the fact that Scott decided to release an internal, almost certainly to counter the numbers from the likes of Quinnipiac and SSRS, which show Nelson ahead by 5 to 6 points.
However, there's one good reason to be skeptical of this poll: It also purports to show Republican Ron DeSantis leading 48-45 in the governor's race. That'd make it the first survey pretty much since forever to find DeSantis up.
  • FL-GovOnMessage (R) for Rick Scott: Ron DeSantis (R): 48, Andrew Gillum (D): 45
  • FL-GovSEA Polling (D): Andrew Gillum (D): 48, Ron DeSantis (R): 42
  • FL-GovSSRS for CNN: Andrew Gillum (D): 54, Rick DeSantis (R): 42 (early Oct.: 48-40 Gillum)
  • FL-GovSt. Pete Polls: Andrew Gillum (D): 47, Ron DeSantis (R) 46 (mid-Oct.: 47-46 Gillum)
There's that OnMessage poll from Rick Scott, is the first poll since the late-August primary to find DeSantis leading. In fact, it's only the second poll ever that's had DeSantis ahead, and the only other such survey was from the execrable Gravis all the way back in July—and that's out of 28 public polls total. That gives us good reason to think OnMessage's numbers aren't accurate.
More to the point, DeSantis himself barely seems to believe them. His campaign purported to release an "internal poll" over the weekend that had him up two points, but click the link and you'll see what a joke it is. There's no polling memo, no field dates, no exact sample size, and, most importantly, no pollster. If someone doesn't even bother to tell you who their pollster is, you should pay very little heed to their alleged polls.
#RedTideRick,  Rick Scott has worked hard to appeal to Puerto Rican voters angry with Donald Trump and his handling of Hurricane Maria, and Senate Majority PAC is up with a Spanish-language spot tying Scott to the White House. The commercial features footage of Trump callously throwing paper towels into an audience in Puerto Rico

Source: Dailykos

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