Education Summit

School Board Member, District 1
Contact:  Andrew Feirstein, Communications & Media Relations
Phone: 754-321-2300
Education and Social Services
Everything You Wanted to Know About the Broward School Board and Social Services
Flu Shots
Thursday, November 1, 2007
5:30 – 8:30 p.m.
Hollywood Hills High School Auditorium
5400 Stirling Road
Do you have questions about FCAT, after school tutoring, charter schools, transportation, MRSA, graduation, safe schools, bullying, physical education, obesity, technology and more - the issues students are facing attending the 6th largest school district in the United States?  "Join me for an exciting, informational, healthy event to discuss everything you always wanted to know about the Broward School Board and were afraid to ask," said Sobel.  "We are all responsible for providing for the educational needs of our students in a healthy and safe learning environment."
All are welcome!  This is an informational event for parents, staff and community members.  Eleanor Sobel and District administrators will be on hand to discuss key issues impacting education.  District 1 high school students will share their thoughts regarding issues of importance in Broward County schools.  Health and community service providers will share information about how their organizations may assist.  Flu shots will be available.
Healthy Refreshments
For further information contact Margarita Zalamea, Director, Office of Government Relations, 754-321-2190.

Help Elected A Democrat in District 101

Hello Democratic Activist!

As you may know, there will be a special election occurring next month for State House District 101, which encompasses areas of Collier and Southwest Broward Counties. Our candidate, Linda McDonald, is running against four Republicans in a traditionally Republican district.

The Republican candidates are heavily campaigning in Collier County, thinking that the Broward area voters just won't turn out, but we have to prove them wrong, and we need your club's help in achieving Democratic victory in District 101.

Tallahassee is currently controlled by Republicans as you well know, which makes this race even more important, as every available seat is critical if we want to take back control of the state legislature.

This is why we are asking all Democratic Clubs in Broward County to help us out during this opportunity to win another seat for our party, the Democratic Party. We need volunteers to canvass during the weekend, or to phone bank if they are unable to go out in the streets. By working together, we can be sure of certain victory. But we need all of the Democrats to come out and fight back the Republican onslaught!

Please contact Anthony Joyce, the Broward County Field Director for the Linda McDonald campaign at (954) 536-1330. There is also a website for Linda McDonald at www.lindamcdonald. us

Thank you for your time and we look forward to your support!

Anthony Joyce
Linda McDonald for State Rep. 101
Broward Field Director

Mayor Naugle: liberal media tried to smear me

Fort Lauderdale Mayor Jim Naugle recently gave NPR's "All Things Considered'' his take on the controversy over his comments about gays:
"There was an attempt from some in the radical homosexual community and their pals over in the liberal media that tried to smear my good name.''naugle150.jpg
Naugle said he never said anything homophobic or hateful or improper or bigoted. He was just trying to protect public parks.
"We're trying to clean up the community,'' he said.
The controversy started when Naugle was quoted saying he uses the term "homosexual'' because "most of them aren't gay. They're unhappy.'' He says gay men frequent public bathrooms for sex.
Broward County tourism chief Nicki Grossman told NPR that she had worried the "tone'' of his statements would hurt gay tourism. But Fort Lauderdale was just named "Best Gay Resort'' by readers of Out Traveler magazine.
Says Grossman, in the Oct. 18 NPR piece: "Police department records do not support the mayor's claims. Period, end of sentence. We've moved on.''
Much speculation has taken place about what Naugle will do when his term ends in spring 2009. He told NPR that he would return to his job as a Realtor.
This right-wing nut job is just trying to hawk for a job as a Rush Limbaugh Wannabe.
The more negative press he gets the better his chances.

Broward's Glasser gets state Democratic honor

Diane Glasser received the Hubert Horatio Humphrey award this weekend from the state Democratic Party.
Glasser has been active in the Broward and Florida Democratic parties for 34 years. She's currently the first vice chairwoman of the state party.
"I've always been a Democrat. I will die as a Democrat," she said.
State Party Chairwoman Karen Thurman, who was challenged at one point for the job by Glasser, called her a "remarkable woman. She works for Democrats 24/7. She's a dynamo."
At 79, Glasser doesn't have any interest in slowing down. She served a single term on the Tamarac city commission in the 1990s, and she is now campaigning for a commission seat in the November 2008 election.
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In Florida Sen. Clinton leads Democratic primary with 43 percent

The newest poll from Quinnipiac University:
"Sen. Clinton leads a Democratic primary with 43 percent, down from 51 percent October 10, while Illinois Sen. Barack Obama's 18 percent is little changed. Former North Carolina Sen. John Edwards gets 12 percent. "

Stemberger taking heat over Thompson

Stemberger says he hasn't taken any criticism over Thompson's speech, but he wanted to clarify the matter because people were asking if the Council was endorsing Thompon.
Florida Family Policy Council chief John Stemberger sounds like he's taking some flak for having Fred Thompson keynote the Council's 11/16 gala dinner in Davie. Hence the letter he  sent out clarifying Thompson's gig: "Mr. Thompson is attending our event as a former US Senator and as a well  known actor in the Law & Order television series. He is not participating as a candidate for president and has agreed not to make any mention or reference to his campaign or the election during his time with us.
"Second, Mr. Thompson is helping our organization raise money by appearing at this event at no charge...We need to raise a substantial a substantial amount of money to educate people on the importance of one man, one woman marriage and its benefits to children and the common good of society."
Continue reading "Stemberger taking heat over Thompson" »

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Senate not coming back this week

Senate President Ken Pruitt has informed members that the Senate will not meet this week

Hopes for an agreement on a plan to cut taxes for Florida homeowners and businesses faded further this morning as Senate President Ken Pruitt told senators to stay home at least until Monday -- the final day lawmakers have to hammer out a deal for the Jan. 29 ballot. Story here.
Writes Pruitt: "After consultation with Majority Leader Webster and Minority Leader Geller, we do not intend to meet this week in Special Session. We have not determined that the Senate will return; however, if we return, it will be on Monday morning, October 29, 2007. For many, this would require making travel arrangements to be in Tallahassee on Sunday evening. Please make arrangements accordingly. We will send another e-mail out Friday providing certainty on Monday's schedule.
Should we proceed with a tax reform and reduction package, we believe it will be important to include the basic principles that were the foundation of the Special Session call. First, we must reduce property taxes for Floridians. Second, we must minimize any negative impact to education. Finally, we must craft a proposal that will be understood and accepted by Florida voters.
Senators, these important points will be the basis of any plan that would be considered. Because our Governor and our partners in the House of Representatives have publicly shared these goals throughout the process, I believe we have reason to be cautiously optimistic. However, there is still much work to be done, and the time clock is not our friend."

Broward Dems launch revamped Web site

The Broward Democratic Party has redesigned its presence on the Internet.

The objective, said Broward Democratic Chairman Mitch Ceasar, is to expand the universe of activists and donors. "We wanted a site that would help us attract young people, more internet-oriented voters and donors. Additionally, a rapid response feature is a necessary tool in today's political environment," Ceasar said in a statement.
It includes information about Democratic clubs, candidates and elected officials, and new touches such as YouTube videos, podcasts, and social networking tools.
It's part of a local party rebranding itself. The party doesn't want to use the official Broward Democratic Executive Committee, preferring Broward Democratic Party.
Here's the new site.

Rep. Elaine Schwartz wants Primary and tax amendement moved to Feb 5th


Rep. Elaine Schwartz (D) Hollywood, has filed a bill that would push back the date of the proposed vote on the constitutional amendment until Feb. 5. Schwartz also wants the presidential primary moved to the same date  a week after Jan. 29th the current date of the primary.
Schwartz maintains that extending the date would give lawmakers more time to work out a deal on property taxes  which right now looks iffy since Senate President Ken Pruitt told senators this morning that they won't be needed in Tallahassee until Thursday at the earliest. But moving the date would also bring Democrats into line with national Democratic rules and thereby preserving Florida's delegates to the national convention.
"Our voters want our voice to be counted,'' said Schwartz in a statement. "We've been marginalized when Florida has had such an enormous impact in general elections. We don't want to be left out of choosing the candidate."
Schwartz acknowledges that there may be "stiff resistance" from the GOP-controlled Legislature to her bill, but said the need for an extension of time is "all too obvious now."

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GOP Debate Wrapup

Republican Debate:
ABC News' David Chalian, Jan Simmonds, and Christine Byun: "Heated Republican debate focuses on the battle for the true conservative" LINKNew York Times' Katharine Q. Seelye: "Debate Wrap-Up: Everyone vs. Clinton" LINK
New York Times' MICHAEL COOPER and MARC SANTORA: "At Debate, G.O.P. Race Becomes More Personal" LINK
Washington Post's Dan Balz and Michael D. Shear: "Attacks Sharpen Among Party's Principal Rivals" LINK
Associated Press: "Quotes From the GOP Presidential Debate" LINK
Reuters: "Top Republicans defend conservative credentials" LINK
Politico's Jonathan Martin: "Republicans trade blows at fiery debate" LINK
Boston Globe's Michael Kranish: "GOP hopefuls turn up the heat" LINK
Los Angeles Times' Michael Finnegan: "Thompson, Giuliani spar over conservative records" LINK
USA Today's David Jackson: "Republican hopefuls spar over who's the real conservative" LINK
Bloomberg's Catherine Dodge and Nicholas Johnston: "Giuliani, Romney, Thompson Attack Each Other, Clinton in Debate" LINK
Washington Times' Joseph Curl: "GOP debate signals race to the right" LINK
Wall Street Journal's AMY SCHATZ and SUSAN DAVIS: "Clinton Is Focus of Debate" LINK

Janet Folger: God’s hand was on Huckabee and that he was going to be the next president

While he was clearly the favorite of the social conservatives at the Values Voter Summit, he has been savaged by the ant-tax right wing, including the loony anti-tax Club for Growth, for his supposedly big-spending record as a governor.
Unlike any of the other top-tier candidates, Huckabee had attended the Values Voter Debate in Florida a few weeks back. That event was sponsored by several of the Religious Right's lesser lights. One of them, Janet Folger, declared after Huckabee won that event's straw poll that God had anointed him to lead religious conservatives into the White House. At this summit, Folger was on fire after the former Arkansas governor's Saturday morning speech, telling a reporter in the hallway that God's hand was on Huckabee and that he was going to be the next president.

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David Mixner to speak at Nova Southeastern University

Contact: Anthony Niedwiecki
            Associate Prof. of Law, Director of LSV Program
            Shepard Broad Law Center , Nova Southeastern Univ.
            Phone: (954) 262-6206
The second speaker for the Goodwin Series at the law center at Nova Southeastern University is author/activist/political consultant David Mixner who will speak to the public on Thursday, October 25 from 6-7.  A reception where you can meet David Mixner will follow the public presentation.  The speaking event and reception are open to the public and free, and they will both take place at the law center.  David Mixner is likely to speak on a wide range of issues, including the role politics plays in LGBT issues and defining morality, HIV/AIDS issues, and the history of the gay rights movement.  He is known to be an engaging speaker who has been a leading activist in the fight for LGBT equality.  We expect this to be a very interesting and lively discussion.  His biography is posted below.    For directions to the law center at Nova, go to

In addition to having David Mixner visit the school next week, we will be hosting an exhibit on LGBT hate crimes, entitled Gay American Heroes.  The exhibit will be in the law library beginning next week.  You can read about the display at

Please mark your calendars for the remaining schedule.
Tuesday November 6, 6-7:  Matt Foreman, Executive Director of the National Lesbian and Gay Task Force
Tuesday November 27, 6-7:  Rev. Gene Robinson, the First Openly Gay Episcopalian Bishop
If you have any questions, please contact Anthony Niedwiecki at or at (954) 262-6206.
Shepard Broad Law Center
Nova Southeastern Univ.
3305 College Ave.
Fort Lauderdale , FL 33314
David Mixner's Biography:

David Mixner has been involved in public life, policy, business and a writer for nearly forty years.  His blog, <>  is one of this year's most visited issue-oriented blogs.

Mr. Mixner is the author of the critically acclaimed memoir Stranger Among Friends and the number one bestseller Brave Journeys.  His screenplay, co-written with Richard Burns,  Dunes of Overveen won the Outfest MTV Award for "Best New Screenplay" and his screenplay, co-written with Dennis Bailey,  Fire in the Soul is being considered by a number of production companies at the moment..  He just finished wth Dennis Bailey a play called  Jacob's Ladder..  Additionally, Mr. Mixner has published numerous articles.  He is Executive Producer on the award-winning documentary called House on Fire which deals with HIV /AIDS in the African American community.

Over the years, Mr. Mixner has worked in over seventy-five campaigns as campaign manager, fundraiser and strategist.  Those campaigns include Clinton for President, Edwards for President, Hart for President, Gephardt for President, McGovern for President, Bradley for Mayor, and Brown for Governor and Senate.  He also has worked on numerous initiative campaigns including No on Six (School Teachers), No on Sixty-four (AIDS Quarantine), and No on Eleven (Energy Tax).

Mr. Mixner has over the years raised over $30 million for candidates and charity organizations and well over $1 million for openly gay and lesbian candidates alone across the country.

Mr. Mixner is currently a successful international public affairs/strategic-planning consultant with an expertise in HIV/AIDS.  He is currently working on projects involving Africa .  In addition, he continues his work fighting HIV/AIDS here in the United States .  

Mr. Mixner has been an unofficial advisor to numerous elected officials on domestic and foreign policy. His reputation as a strategist and implementor is nationally known.  Numerous universities, including Oxford , Harvard, Stanford, UCLA, Princeton , and the London School of Economics, have invited him to lecture. The Sterling Memorial Library at Yale University has recently created the "David B Mixner Collection" of his papers from over forty years.

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Katherine Harris For Pres. '08 ? Are you f@#$ing kidding me???

I know that a lot of the right-wing nuts out there are starting to get
online more, but I wouldn't be surprised if this came straight from the
devil herself. I remember reading at one point that she thought she
could be the first women elected President.

Spec. Jason B. Koutroubas


Hometown: Dunnellon, Florida, U.S.
Died: October 14, 2007 in Operation Iraqi Freedom.
Unit: Army, Special Troops Battalion, 4th Brigade Combat Team, 1st Cavalry Division, Fort Bliss, Tex.
Incident: Died of injuries suffered in a non-combat related incident in Tal Afar.
Related Links:

Florida Save S-CHIP Today

If your Representative is on the following list, call today and urge him or her to vote YES for health insurance for children in low-income working families. And if you know people in those states, forward this email and ask your friends and colleagues who are constituents to make the call.
Use the toll-free number 1 800-828-0498 set up by Families USA to access the Capitol switchboard, which will connected you to your Representative's office.
 Gus Bilirakis
 Ginny Brown-Waite
 Lincoln Diaz-Balart
 Mario Diaz-Ballard
 Ileana Ros-Lehtinen
Tom Feeney
Rick Keller

Randi Rhodes was Attacked on Sunday Night


AAR's official blogger, Nancy Scola, posted the following message on the website this morning:
Air America host Randi Rhodes experienced an unfortunate incident hindering her from hosting her show. The reports of a presumed hate crime are unfounded. Ms. Rhodes looks forward to being back on the air on Thursday.


Morning talk host, Lionel filled in for Rhodes on Monday, but did not say anything about why she wasn’t on hand to do her show. The Randi Rhodes board reports that Sam Seder, who does a Sunday afternoon show for AAR, will be filling on Tuesday and Wednesday.

Elliott was extremely agitated when he reported on the incident. He opened his show by saying "it is with sadness that tonight I inform you that my Air America colleague Randi Rhodes was assaulted last night while walking her dog near her New York City home.
"Pointing out that Rhodes was wearing a jogging suit and displayed no purse or jewelry, Elliott speculated that "this does not appear to me to be a standard grab the money and run mugging.""Is this an attempt by the right wing hate machine to silence one of our own," he asked. "Are we threatening them. Are they afraid that we're winning. Are they trying to silence intimidate us."Some of blog posters also expressed concerns that the attack on Rhodes was hate crime.
Other posters warned that we need more facts before any judgements are made.According to Elliott, Rhodes was resting in her New York City apartment and was not hospitalized.

Randi Rhodes was mugged on Attacked night on 39th Street and Park Ave, nearby her Manhattan apartment, while she was walking her dog Simon.

According to Air America Radio late night host Jon Elliott, Rhodes was beaten up pretty badly, losing several teeth and will probably be off the air for at least the rest of the week. At of late Monday night we have not able to locate any press accounts of the attack and nothing has been posted on the AAR website.

Spec. Adam D. Quinn

Hometown: Orange City, Florida, U.S.

Died: October 6, 2007 in Operation Enduring Freedom.

Unit: Army, Headquarters and Headquarters Company, 82nd Airborne Division, Fort Bragg, N.C

Incident: Killed by a makeshift bomb that detonated near his vehicle in Bagram, Afghanistan.

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Soldier dies in Bagram (Edmond Sun, Okla., Oct. 10, 2007)

Senator Ted Deutch and Representative Ronald Brise to Speak

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                        CONTACT:  Carlyn Foster, SEIU
                                                                        (954) 965-1453 or (954) 632-0795 cell
Senator Ted Deutch and Representative Ronald Brise to Speak

With care for thousands of elderly Florida residents at risk …
Concerned Floridians to Announce Plan to Fight for Improved Patient Care in $6.3 Billion Private Equity Takeover of Major Nursing Home Chain
Calling on AHCA to Ensure Buyout Does Not Diminish Patient Care
New Report To Be Released Detailing Impact of the Carlyle Group Buyout of Manor Care on Florida
Concerned Floridians, patient advocates, community and elected leaders and workers will announce their plan Wednesday to fight for improved patient care in the takeover of the nation's largest nursing home chain, HCR Manor Care, by global buyout giant the Carlyle Group. This group of concerned Floridians is calling on the Carlyle Group to put care above CEO profits in the $6.3 billion takeover of Manor Care. There is growing concern that the buyout could come at the expense of seniors, taxpayers, and workers. Manor Care runs 29 nursing homes in Florida.
At the news conference, the group will release a new report detailing the impact of the takeover on Florida. The report will include:
  • Manor Care's existing record on patient care and staffing
  • The deal's impact on state and federal tax revenue
  • What happens when private equity firms buy nursing home chains
  • Financial details of the deal, including executive compensation
Similar efforts are underway in multiple states where Manor Care has operations, including Ohio, Pennsylvania, Illinois, Michigan, Maryland, Wisconsin, and Washington State. More info is available at
WHAT:                                   News Conference to Release Report, Announce Plan to Fight for Improved Nursing Home Care in Florida
WHEN:                                   11:00 a.m. EDT, Wednesday, October 10
WHERE:                                 South County Civic Center, Pavilion
16700 Jog Rd., Delray Beach, FL 33446
WHO:                                      Senator Ted Deutch, Senate District 30
                                                Representative Ronald Brise, House District 108
                                                Monica Russo, President, SEIU Healthcare Florida
(formerly SEIU Florida Healthcare Union)
Yolette Bonant, CNA, Manor Care West Palm Beach
Joyce Moorison, Senior Advocate
Tony Fransetta, President, Alliance for Retired Americans
A recent front page exposé by the New York Times detailed how cuts to staffing and operations at nursing homes bought by private equity firms across the country have enriched top executives and buyout firms but left nursing home residents worse off. Read the article here.
Carlyn Foster | Communications
SEIU Florida Regional Office
4600 Sheridan St., Suite 200 | Hollywood, FL 33021
Phone954-965-1453 | Fax: 954-989-4727
Mobile: 954.632.0795


Florida Representatives who voted against the SCHIP bill (expanding insurance coverage for middle class children):
FL-1 Miller, Jeff [R]
FL-4 Crenshaw, Ander [R]
FL-5 Brown-Waite, Virginia [R]
FL-6 Stearns, Clifford [R]
FL-7 Mica, John [R]
FL-8 Keller, Ric [R]
FL-9 Bilirakis, Gus [R]
FL-11 Castor, Kathy [D]
FL-12 Putnam, Adam [R]
FL-14 Mack, Connie [R]
FL-15 Weldon, David [R]
FL-18 Ros-Lehtinen, Ileana [R]
FL-21 Diaz-Balart, Lincoln [R]
FL-24 Feeney, Tom [R]
FL-25 Diaz-Balart, Mario [R]
Please Call today and tell your Representatives to support middle class children.
S-Chip is for Children who's parents make too much money for medicaid, yet make too little to be able to afford a 1000.00 a month health insurance bill.
Call Today :    (202)225-3121   

Thompson's Florida Fade


Last month, the Insider Advantage poll had Fred Thompson and Rudy Giuliani tied in Florida. Now, Mr. Giuliani's pulled ahead decisively:
Giuliani: 29%
Thompson: 19%
Romney: 16%
McCain: 10%
My sense is that despite a decent showing in the polls, the Thompson campaign has really gotten off to a weak start. Mr. Thompson is not driving the debate in any way, shape, or form. All the action has been Rudy vs. Mitt.

George Allen Supports Fred Thompson

With or without an endorsement, the person Fred Thompson owes the most to this election season is former Virginia senator George "Macaca" Allen. If not for Mr. Allen's implosion in 2006, he would have been reelected to the Senate and crowned the presumptive standard-bearer for the continuation of the Bush legacy — a fake-southern, big-spending, social-conservative-friendly good ol' boy. With Mr. Allen out of the picture, though, Mr. Thompson had access to a presidential field devoid of a textbook conservative.
As it happens, Mr. Allen has endorsed Mr. Thompson's presidential bid — doubtless with dreams of what might have been. Meanwhile, the top ranks of the religious right still refuse to get behind any one candidate, united only in their opposition to Rudy Giuliani.
Those religious right folks, likewise, must be dreaming of what might have been. They could have all endorsed Mr. Allen early and gone home. Instead, they've got two candidates they can't stand (Mr. Giuliani and John McCain), one they don't quite trust (Mitt Romney), and one they really, really want to get behind but just can't (Mr. Thompson). The only holdup with Mr. Thompson? His refusal to support the Federal Marriage Amendment on federalist grounds.
Fred Thompson on SNL
Fred Thompson makes his first appearance (as a Darrell Hammond impression) on Saturday Night Live. The joke? Fred Thompson is lazy:

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.D. Roy Atchison - The former GOP Assistant U.S. Attorney Committed Suicide

.D. Roy Atchison - The former GOP Assistant U.S. Attorney
John David Roy Atchison, an internet predator of the worst kind, was found dead in his jail cell today. The former Assistant U.S. Attorney in Florida was busted in a Detroit sting operation after he arranged what he thought was a sex encounter with a five year old girl via a law enforcement officer posing as the child's mother on the internet.
John David Roy Atchison, the former GOP Assistant U.S. Attorney who was busted at the Detroit airport for soliciting sex with a five year old girl, committed suicide Firday in his jail cell.

Florida Primary In The News

Gannett's Eun Kyung Kim: "Sen. Nelson to file suit over Fla. Primary" LINK
Miami Herald's BETH REINHARD: "No-show Democrats stick to their pledge" LINK
New York Times' Abby Goodnough: "Battle Lines Drawn Over Florida Primary" LINK
New York Times' ABBY GOODNOUGH: "Senator Suing Own Party Over Discord on Florida" LINK

Staff Sgt. Donnie D. Dixon


Hometown: Miami, Florida, U.S.
Died: September 29, 2007 in Operation Iraqi Freedom.
Unit: Army, Headquarters and Headquarters Company, 3rd Brigade Combat Team, 1st Cavalry Division, Fort Hood, Tex.
Incident: Killed when insurgents attacked his unit using small arms fire in Baloor.

Morality and Sexual Orientation Law Series

The Shepard Broad Law Center at Nova Southeastern University is pleased
to announce this year's Goodwin lecture series, which is entitled:  30
Years After Anita Bryant's Crusade:  The Continuing Role of Morality
in the Development of Legal Rights for Sexual Minorities.  With the
controversies surrounding the mayor of Fort Lauderdale this past summer,
this lecture series is very relevant and timely.  The lectures are open
to the public and take place at the law center on the Davie Campus. 

We have a great group of speakers this year, including the first openly
gay Episcopalian Bishop, Gene Robinson.  Our first speaker is Suzanne
Goldberg, who will discuss how the U.S. Supreme Court addresses and has
addressed sexual orientation issues.  Her public presentation is on
Thursday October 11, 6-7 pm.  Professor Goldberg spent nearly a decade as
a leading attorney on lesbian and gay rights issues with Lambda Legal
Defense.  While at Lambda, she served as counsel in a wide range of
cases in employment, immigration, and family law, as well as two cases
that eventually became cornerstone gay rights victories before the US
Supreme Court, including Romer v. Evans and Lawrence v. Texas.  She
currently is a law professor at Columbia Law School.

The remaining schedule includes:
Thursday October 25, 6-7:  David Mixner, Author and Political Activist
who worked with Bill Clinton
Tuesday November 6, 6-7:  Matt Foreman, Executive Director of the
National Lesbian and Gay Task Force
Tuesday November 27, 6-7:  Rev. Gene Robinson, the First Openly Gay
Episcopalian Bishop

We hope that you can make this very exciting lecture series.  If you
have any questions, please contact Anthony Niedwiecki at or at (954) 262-6206.

A map and directions to the law center can be found at
<> .

Anthony S. Niedwiecki
Associate Prof. of Law
Director of LSV Program
Shepard Broad Law Center
Nova Southeastern Univ.
3305 College Ave.
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33314

(954) 262-6206

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Sen. Mel Martinez Lying About S-CHIP

Senator Mel Martinez is fighting the bi-partisan S-CHIP bill, which would allow health coverage to 3.8 million low-income uninsured children. Martinez is pushing Bush's claim that the bill provides health care for families earning as much as $83,000 a year. But according to, under current law and this proposed legislation, the president retains the authority to set the ceiling. No state has anywhere close to a $83,000 ceiling, Florida's ceiling is set at $41,300 for a family of 4.