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Karl Rove and American Crossroads GPS have been hacked by "Anonymous"


In a highly-rec'd diary, My Left Behind used a faked email from Karl Rove to criticize the Progressive on Dailykos for criticizing the President.  In the discussion thread, My Left Behind explained his/her reasoning to a commenter:
I tried to point out that much of the work here is aligned with what a Rove operative would try to do

DailyKos is reporting today that Karl Rove and American Crossroads GPS have been hacked by "Anonymous"

From DailyKos
"Anonymous" has struck again, this time leaking a confidential internal directive from Karl Rove's shadowy, billionaire-funded American Crossroads GPS outfit.  It allows a rare glimpse into the inner workings of the Rove machine.  Daily Kos is specifically mentioned more than once.  I have posted the email here in its entirety.  

Aug. 24, 2011
From: KR
To: All Internet Operatives and Interns
Re:  Internet Operations --  For Immediate and Aggressive Implementation
Hello Gang,
You've all been working hard, and it's paying off.  Obama's numbers are plummeting as I type this.  Congratulations all around.  But we can't afford to be complacent now.  
I just want to briefly go over a few Mission Points with you.
1. Main mission:  Infiltrate all liberal web sites, posing as disaffected liberals with liberal-sounding user names, icons and signatures.  (Reference Bernie Sanders, Dennis Kucinich, FDR, Smedley Butler, Bill Clinton, etc.)
2. Express.  Disappointment.  With.  Obama.  (Whining pays double!)  (jk!)
3. Push primary challenge.  Push third party.  Push Green.  Push Socialist.  Push write-in voting.  Push non-voting to "send a message."
4. Effective memes/talking points:
"Obama is a DINO."
"Obama is no different than a Republican."
"Obama has sold us out."
"It feels good to vote your conscience."
"It feels good to stick to your principles."
"Don't be trapped into voting for the lesser of two evils."
"We need to punish Obama and the Democrats by not voting."
"We'd be better off with a Republican in the White House."
"Obama is a war-mongering, torturing, corporatist shill."
I simply cannot emphasize this point enough:  No meme is too extreme or radical.  "Obama is worse than Bush!"   "Obama is a war criminal!"  Remember: the reader thinks he is reading the opinion of a fellow liberal.  It's all about peer suggestibility, people.  Keep expanding theOverton Window.   The more you push a radical notion, the more likely a slightly less radical notion becomes acceptable.  Someone else said it this way:  "The bigger the lie, the more likely people will believe it."
So take it over the top.  Absolutely nothing is outside the realm of plausibility.  "Obama is an alien from the planet Negron."  I like it!
The libs are disappointed that Obama hasn't turned America into a socialist paradise by now, but they're lazy and spoiled, not savvy and proactive like us.  They think that by whining on a liberal web site they're engaging in some sort of "activism."   They're "holding Obama's feet to the fire."  They actually believe that DC policymakers or their staffers somehow have the time to read every ridiculous liberal blog.  They don't get it that the only ones reading their whiny little rants are--wait for it--other liberals.  So they're actually doing a whole lot of heavy lifting for us with all their dis-motivating buzz-kill, and we want to encourage them as much as possible.  When your enemy is engaged in a circular firing squad, pass them the ammo!
Look, we suckered all those nutjob Christian fundies out of their votes and their money.   LIberals are almost as easy to fool!
You've done great work so far.  At this point, many of the liberal blog sites are virtually indistinguishable from RedState. (And can you imagine us on RedState trashing our own candidate?  Riiiight.)  On most liberal sites, anyone praising Obama is hounded and laughed out of town.  Seeya later, blackwaterdog!  We, with the help of the libs, have made it uncool to approve of or admit to liking Barack Obama on a liberal web site!  Obama-trashing is now in vogue!  Is this a great country, or what?!
Remember, in 2000, the Greens helped us put George in the White House by chanting that Al Gore was the same as Dubya!  That George W. Bush was the same as the biggest liberal around!  And libs bought that!  They've obviously got a serious masochistic streak, so let's hand them a whip!  (Can you imagine what America would be like today if we'd had that commie wuss Al Gore in the White House for eight years?  Gives me goosebumps!)
The Internet was liberals' most effective weapon against us, for spreading lies and motivating other libs to vote and volunteer and donate, but not any more!   Now the only effect of liberal blog sites is to sap enthusiasm and deter liberals from voting, period.  We have monkey-wrenched our enemy's strength and turned it into a liability.  The Republican Party owes Karl's Keyboard Kommandoes a huge debt of gratitude.  You were instrumental in keeping Democrats home last November,  and look what happened:  we took back the House!   I only wish I could thank you all in person.  Mmmwahhh!
I know most of you work at home, but here at Crossroads I sometimes hear you guys yelling across your cubicles.  "Hey, rec me on Kos!  I'm owning those liberal schmucks!  That's another Prius-load of Dims staying home!  Spurn, baby, spurn!  It's a beautiful thang!"
Gotta love that energy!
But we can't let up now.   Now is the time to work even harder to sow and fertilize discontent out there in lib-land.  The debates have begun and soon a front-runner will emerge for the libs to focus on and sling their mud at, instead of their own guy.  (Go Ricky!  Either or both!  The Ricky/Ricky ticket!  Anybody but that grotesque, hideous beotch from the Klondike!)
If Obama manages to steal a second term, he could be an unfettered loose cannon and inflict irreparable damage on our Republic. Two words:  Supreme. Court.  We just can't afford to let Obama pack the SCOTUS with liberal activist judges.
 The long-overdue Citizens United decision means that finally our friends in business will no longer be muzzled from speaking out politically, so now our voices will have the full force of our resources behind them.   Here at Crossroads we're poised to spend $20 million for ad campaigns spreading the truth, and the sky's the limit.
And we also have to acknowledge the work of our fellow patriots at the RNC and Heritage and CFG and AEI, etc., and all the private grassroots blog-warriors out there as well, such as the excellent Advantage Consultants.  You guys are our Republican Underground, freedom fighters prosecuting our mission in the trenches on a daily basis.  And don't think we don't recognize your commendable job of scrubbing all the filthy liberal lies out of Wikipedia.
Here are some helpful answers to your Frequently Asked Questions:
Q:  Some libs are wise to us.  A Rand Paul staffer got caught on Daily Kos last year.  What if I am called out as a mole or troll?
A:  No problem; actually an opportunity.  Simply accuse the accuser of being a troll for Obama and the DNC, of trying to stifle dissent.   (Libs are suckers for that kind of stuff.)
 Say, "It's not a crime to criticize the president!"  Or, "So I'm not allowed to say anything bad about Obama?"  It's a straw man that works every time.   Try this:   "Nobody's gonna shut me up!  I'm gonna keep on speaking out!  Attica!  Attica!"
Q:  What do I do if the libs confront me with Obama's accomplishments?  What if they start rattling off all the liberal crap he's foisted on the American people?
A:  Just come back with the "warmongering corporatist torturer" bit (I know--he's a piker, he sucks at it, but some of them will actually believe that).   Mere laughing dismissal is often very effective.  Usually all it takes is an LOL.  Call your attackers "Obamabots."  Accuse them of mindless fawning, of worshipping their "saviour."  Dismiss the positive, accentuate the negative.  Reference Paul Krugman and Glenn Greenwald.  We know Obama hosed us on the debt ceiling deal, for example, but the libs think he sold out.  That's the spin we want to push.  And it won't hurt to ramp up the vitriol and nastiness.  We want to make every liberal site an unpleasant place to visit.
Q:  What if some of this criticism does reach Obama's radar and he starts going even more leftist or tries to kick Republican butt?  Won't that backfire on us?
A:  Nothing would be better!  Bring it, O man!  We've already managed to inform a big chunk of the electorate that Obama is in truth an angry, racist, America-hating communist.  If we can goad him to the point where he stops playing rope-a-dope with us and starts acting like the thuggish, belligerent, socialist dictator we know him to be in reality, we win.  We want nothing more than for him to lose his temper and get all pushy and uppity (I love that word!) and uncompromising.  Heck, if he gets uppity enough, we might have some traction on an impeachment move.  Admittedly, it's frustrating that he has kept his cool no matter what we throw at him.  His phony act of being so consistently goddamned adult and steady and reasonable and sober and bipartisan is what has made all our people in comparison look like stubborn, childish, maudlin, jingoistic, perverted, hypocritical, narcissistic, grandstanding, demented, ignorant, freak-show corporatist whores who don't give a shit about America.  And they're not.  Not at all.  Nope.  Not all of them.  No way, Hozay!  
Q:  Is our work really that effective?  I mean, how many people actually read these liberal blogs?
A:  Your work is very effective, or we wouldn't be paying you.  True, the people who visit these liberal sites might be a tiny percentage of the population, but they are the most political, the most likely to get involved in organizing, volunteering and fundraising.  In other words, the core.  If we can raise enough doubts among the core, and constantly reinforce those doubts through peer suggestibility, we will in essence drive a stake through the heart of the Democrat party.  And that is a good day's work, my friends!
Q:  He got Osama bin Laden.  How the hell do we spin that?
A:  Easy:  "Obama assassinated a foreign leader without a trial."  "Obama should be tried for murder before an international court of law."  "They didn't even read bin Laden his Miranda rights, or offer him counseling!"
People, the bottom line is that I don't care what you do, or what it takes.  We get it.  The libs don't.  We know it's all about votes, and the money and enthusiasm and volunteering that gets votes.  The guy who goes to the White House in 2013 will have either an R after his name, or a D.  Do we want the party of Barbara Boxer and Nancy Pelosi and Sherrod Brown in our house, or do we want the party of Grover Norquist, Rupert Murdoch and the Koch Brothers?   So, all eyes on the prize, which is:  Keeping those godless, America-hating libs away from the voting booths!
We want to make this the new theme song of the Democrat party:
(To the tune of the In-N-Out jingle)
Sit it out!
Sit it out!
That's what a Dem-ocrat is
All about!
Onward to the Hundred-Year Majority!
And remember:  The month's top poster wins a dream lunch with KR!
Yours in liberty, free enterprise, and purity of purpose,


WATCH: Livestream’s NYC ‘Hurricane Cam’

This view of Midtown Manhattan comes to us via a camera located on the sixteenth floor of Livestream’s New York headquarters
Watch live streaming video from breakinglivenow at

Florida: Same-sex households increasing in 2011

Gay rights issues have been booming ever since the legalization of same-sex marriage occurred in some states. South Florida has always been extremely welcoming to members of the same-sex community. The change in gender typicality in households was shown in the 2010 census and most likely will continue to grow. There was a boom in people who checked “Male householder and male partner” or “Female householder and female partner” in the 2010 census forms. For an idea of how much times are changing, only 51% of Highland County homes reported having traditional husband-wife homes. Although less than 1% reported having male-male or female-female, the rest of the 48% reported either living alone, with relatives or with roommates.
The 2010 census reported almost 3,000 non-traditional households with 300 gay-lesbian people reporting from Highlands County, with 65,000 same-sex households across Florida. And many of these same-sex households reported raising children. In this census, there were 174 female-female households and 138 male-male households. There could be more people who were just afraid to report their living situation, should it be non-traditional in nature.
For overall Florida, 46% of households stated being traditional husband-wife couples. Over 9,000 of Florida’s same-sex couples live in Broward County, and 7,400 live in Miami-Dade. Male-male couples are more common than female-female couples in areas such as Fort Lauderdale, FL. Although gay marriage is not recognized in Florida, the Census Bureau will also include same-sex married couples later this year. This would allow same-sex couples who live in Florida but got married elsewhere to report this information. With the changing of the generations, it is likely that people will become more and more comfortable admitting their non-traditional sexual and/or family choices, as many people view younger generations as being more accepting of deviations of “typical” families. With about 40% of Highland Counties gay and lesbian couples reporting to be raising children who knows what the future Florida Census’ will show!

Continue reading on Florida: Same-sex households increasing in 2011 - Fort Lauderdale Sex & Relationships |

Congressman Ted Deutch is hosting a Town Hall

Congressman Ted Deutch is hosting a Town Hall in Century Village Deerfield Beach (open to all) on Tuesday, August 30th at 10AM at the Century Village Deerfield Activity Center,
3501 West Drive,
Deerfield Beach, Fl 33442. Please call Congressman Deutch's Broward Director, Theresa Brier with any questions at (954) 935-5378.

Rubio: Social Security Harmed America


This story got lost a bit in the newsflash about Steve Jobs. But it's a key signpost as we go into 2012. Freshman Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL), maybe the risingest of the rising stars of the GOP, gave a speech in Washington in which he declared that key social insurance programs like Social Security and Medicare have "weakened us as a people," i.e., undermined the moral fabric and strength fo the American people.

This isn't a shocking statement. Most conservatives would likely agree with me that it's one of the three or four main ideas animating Movement Conservatism over the last half century. But it seldom gets brought out so conspicuously for public consumption by a politician who is widely believed -- and clearly himself believes -- he has national office in his future.

— Josh Marshal

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Rubio: Social Security Harmed America | Talking Points Memo

Robocalling Against Robocalls for Fun and Profit

The Florida progressive group Florida Watch — having collected phone messages from Floridians angry at Gov. Rick Scott, delivered them as sort of reverse-robocall voicemails, and attracted some media attention from it — put out a fundraising request earlier this week. Think of it as the activism equivalent of hitting for the cycle.

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Robocalling Against Robocalls for Fun and Profit | techPresident

Hurricane Irene Threat Decreases For South Florida

Updated 08/23/11  12:10PM

 be aware, newly formed Hurricane Irene may pose a threat to South Florida later this week.  For the most current information on Irene and its path, CLICK HERE.
Earlier this year, I held a hurricane preparedness symposium with federal, state, and local government officials as well as local business and community leaders. Through this open dialogue I sought to provide a forum where key disaster planning and response officials could sit down, face-to-face to discuss what they’ve learned and what they need.
Taking early precautions, as well as having a recovery plan, is of paramount importance to minimize damage during hurricane season. Each household and business should devise a plan of action detailing where to go if there is a hurricane, especially for those who are in need of special assistance. These plans should not be postponed until danger is imminent.
Below is a list of important telephone numbers and valuable hurricane preparedness tips to help you and your family be prepared in the event of a storm.
I encourage you to print this page/email in the event of a power outage during a storm.
Important phone numbers
American Red Cross - (954) 763-9900
Broward County Hurricane Hotline - (954) 831-4000
Broward Emergency Management Agency - (954) 831-3900
Broward County Animal Care and Regulation - (954) 359-1313
Special Medical Needs Registry–Broward - (954)

American Red Cross - (305) 644-1200
Miami-Dade Animal Care and Control - (305) 884-1101
Miami-Dade County Office of Emergency Management - (305) 468-5400
Miami-Dade Emergency Evacuation Assistance Program - (305) 468-5900
Special Medical Needs Registry Miami-Dade - (305) 513-7700

Hurricane Preparedness Checklist
  • Cash or travelers checks
  • Fill up your car’s gas tank
  • Emergency contact phone numbers
  • Fire extinguisher
  • Clean containers to store drinking water: 1 gallon per person per day
  • 3-day supply of food (canned and dried goods are best)
  • Manual can opener
  • Hand tools: hammer, nails, ax, knife, pliers, handsaw, screwdrivers
  • Electric drill with screwdriver bits to install bolts for window protection
  • Unscented household bleach to purify water, 8 drops per gallon of water
  • Soap and plastic container
  • At least one flashlight per person with spare batteries
  • Spare batteries for other needs
  • Battery-operated radio, with weather band
  • First-aid kit: bandages, gauze, scissors, petroleum jelly, antiseptic spray, hydrogen peroxide, antacids, aspirin, thermometer, rubbing alcohol
  • Extra prescription medicine
  • Copies of important documents
  • Matches (wooden ones are best)
  • Disposable eating utensils and plates
  • Hygiene and personal care items
  • Mosquito repellent
  • Whistle or air horn
  • Disinfectant
  • Gas grill or Sterno stove with extra fuel (Do not take gas grills indoors)
  • Large trash bags
  • Rope or heavy cord, 100 feet
  • Tarpaulin, canvas or anything to make a temporary roof repair
For police, fire or medical assistance during an emergency, please dial 911.
For the most current weather information, visit the National Hurricane Center’s website
Courtesy of Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman schultz

If you have any questions or need further information, please contact her, district offices at: 954-437-3936 or305-936-5724.
Please stay safe and aware.

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CBS Miami's Most Valuable Blogger Awards 2011 Finalists Have Been Announced! Go Vote! After much deliberation and careful consideration of many nominees, CBS Miami has narrowed the field of Finalists down for this year's MVB. Voting for finalists is open now through September 9th. Let your voice be heard.


Hurricane Irene came in from the NHC and there has been a change in the intensity forecast

Hey South Florida. The latest information on Hurricane Irene came in from the NHC and there has been a change in the intensity forecast. Today is a day to get your hurricane supplies in place or check your supply stash to make sure everything is in order. Check out the forecast

Also while there
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CBS Miami's Most Valuable Blogger Awards 2011 Finalists Have Been Announced! Go Vote! After much deliberation and careful consideration of many nominees, CBS Miami has narrowed the field of Finalists down for this year's MVB. Voting for finalists is open now through September 9th. Let your voice be heard

DOJ Approves some of the Anti-Democracy, Florida Voter, Suppression Laws

"As the Secretary should know well, the State stopped the Department of Justice from reviewing the most discriminatory portions of the law and, moreover, the Department of Justice is only reviewing these changes for compliance with the federal Voting Rights Act – not their legality or fairness overall," said Howard Simon, executive director of the ACLU of Florida. "To suggest otherwise is dishonest."

Simon noted, however, that some of the changes precleared Tuesday -- including a measure allowing the attorney general to rewrite ballot language for legislatively-sponsored constitutional amendments -- are being challenged in court.
The U.S. Department of Justice gave the go-ahead on Tuesday to the least controversial elements of a massive overhaul of Florida elections law, shifting attention to the legal battle over the most contentious parts of the measure.

DOJ's ruling means that 76 provisions of the law can take effect in five Florida counties that, because of a history of racial discrimination, require preclearance from federal officials under the Voting Rights Act. A lawsuit could still be filed challenging the provisions under the Voting Rights Act.

Four other provisions of the law – the most controversial – are still awaiting approval from a federal court before they can be implemented in those five counties.

Secretary of State Kurt Browning has already said the entire law will be enforced in the 62 counties that don't require preclearance.

"I am appreciative of the work the DOJ has done to approve Florida’s new election laws," Browning said in a statement released by his office. "Their decision confirms what we already know, that Florida’s new election laws are fair and not discriminatory. I expect the federal district court will also agree that the new laws are fair when it reviews the remaining provisions."

The approval comes little more than a week after Browning went to the federal district court in Washington, D.C., in an effort to secure approval for the four most bitterly contested provisions of the bill -- including a reduction in the number of early-voting days, new rules for third-party voter registration organizations, limits on when voters can change their addresses and new standards for citizen initiatives.

Browning said he was worried that pressure from "outside groups" might prevent the state from getting a fair hearing for its new law, but critics said the rare legal maneuver was an attempted end-run around a hesitant Justice Department. Many of them blasted Browning's announcement Tuesday.

The Florida Democratic Party, which has maintained that the law is a thinly-veiled attempt to undermine President Barack Obama's 2012 re-election campaign, also slammed Browning's statement.

"By announcing the DOJ ruling without news of the remaining four provisions, the governor and secretary of state are attempting to pull the wool over the eyes of Florida voters," party Chairman Rod Smith said.

Help Get Out the Vote in Wisconsin from Home! Make Calls

The eyes of the nation are on Wisconsin, where the elections to recall right-wing Republican state senators for waging war on working families are taking place TODAY

Help defeat the Wisconsin Republicans!

Gov. Scott Walker and Republicans in Wisconsin have declared a war on working families.
The "recall" elections are happening this summer -- it's time to start calling voters in Wisconsin to defeat Senate Republicans and stop the war on working families!
Sign up to make calls from home to let Wisconsin voters know about Walker and his Republican allies.

CLICK HERE to make calls today

Gay activists denounce Congressman Allen West

Gay activists and Democratic leaders from throughout Broward gathered Monday evening to denounce U.S. Rep. Allen West, R-Plantation.  
They were joined by a Miami-Dade County Republican.
West was the inspiration for the Coalition for Fairness and Equality, which formed last week in the aftermath of the controversy surrounding an aborted plan for the congressman to speak in Wilton Manors.
He’d been invited by the Wilton Manors Business Association, but the group canceled under pressure from gay activists, some of whom threatened to organize a boycott of business association members if the event went on.

Read more....
Broward Politics | Sun Sentinel Blogs | Gay activists, Democrats (and a Republican) denounce Congressman Allen West

City Hall Rally Proceeds as Congressman West Declines Invitation to speak

A city hall square rally in Wilton Manors will proceed as scheduled tonight without Congressman Allen West, whose staff declined the invitation for him to openly address the Wilton Manors business community.
Nevertheless, a group of concerned citizens, ‘The Coalition for Fairness and Equality (CoFFE)’, will proceed at six pm with an open forum entitled 'Allen West: In His Own Words.'  
L. Stuart Milk, a founding member of CoFFE, president of the Harvey Milk Foundation and the nephew of the late San Francisco gay rights activist, Harvey Milk, will speak at the event since he has become an activist in his own right and maintains a South Florida residence. Veterans and other community groups will be represented this evening.

Stated organizer Miriam Richter, a Fort Lauderdale attorney, "We have just been informed by Congressman West’s office that he has declined our invitation. Considering that up until Monday he was booked for an appearance in Wilton Manors at the same time and place, and that we extended our invitation within three days of his cancellation, I find it informative that he is ignoring his constituent’s request to hear from him personally."
Added former Fort Lauderdale city commissioner, Dean Trantalis, "I guess he is not the warrior he claims to be. Since the Congressman will not be there, we will be providing you with excerpts from previous public statements that he has made."
"We need to send a very loud and clear message to our elected officials that they need to recognize the individual composition of their constituency and that making blanket discriminatory statements about a group is unacceptable," stated a release by CoFFE organizers.
The public forum and rally will be held on August 8 at 6 pm, at City Hall Square, 2200 Wilton Drive, WiltonManors, FL 33305.