The Democratic Environmental Caucus of Florida (DECF) proudly announces its full support and endorsement of Alan Clendenin for the position of Chair of the Florida Democratic Party.  
Mr. Clendenin has demonstrated his deep concern and support for protecting Florida's environment and resources, and building an ever-stronger Democratic Party presence within the State of Florida.  
Accordingly the DECF board and membership looks forward to working closely with him to elect legislators who are effective environmentalists at all levels of government throughout the state

Contact: Bill Bucolo 
President,  Democratic Environmental Caucus of Florida 727-347-182

Holiday Message From: Debbie Wasserman Schultz

What's the best part of the holiday season?

For some, it's driving down the street and seeing all the decorations. For others, it's the spirit of joy and giving that permeates everyone and everything.

For me, it's all of that and spending time with my husband, Steve, and our three amazing kids.
Happy Holidaus
Whether you've just finished burning the candles on the Menorah or just begun putting gifts under the tree, we wish you a very happy, healthy, and safe holiday season, and a wonderful New Year -- from our family to yours.

All the best,
Debbie, Steve, Rebecca, Jake, & Shelby

Democratic Hispanic Caucus Endorses Alan Clendenin

The Democratic Hispanic Caucus of Florida has officially endorsed Alan Clendenin for Chair of the Florida Democratic Party. Part of the DHCF statement is as follows:
The Democratic Hispanic Caucus of Florida, that represents the Hispanic Caucuses of the Florida Democratic Party in the local counties throughout the state of Florida, voted this evening to fully endorse Alan Clendenin in his race  to become the next Chairman of the Florida Democratic Party to succeed Rod Smith in the upcoming state party elections in January.
This is a major development in the race for FDP Chair. Despite the continued pressure from Tallahassee  based lobbyists, consultants as well as a few elected officials, Allison Tant has yet to secure significant grassroots support for her FDP Chair  bid. Tant, who is the newly elected Chair of the Leon County DEC is relying heavily on pressure from elected officials as well as backroom deals to secure enough support to be elected on January 26th.  Hillsborough State Committeeman Alan Clendenin retains the greatest chunk of activist and grassroots support outside of Tallahassee as well as maintaining the active backing of several elected officials throughout the state. A third candidate, Anette Taddeo-Goldstein of Miami-Dade County has less support but has still maintained enough grassroots backing to further cloud the game plan for the group pushing Tant.
The vote for FDP Chair will be held January 26th in Lake Mary. Based on the weighted voting procedures of the FDP, the most important counties to secure support from in the race are in order, Broward, Miami-Dade, Palm Beach and Hillsborough. The last six chairs of the Florida Democratic Party have come from outside this important bloc of counties, and the last four (and five of the last six) have come from north of the Orlando Metropolitan Area. The last six chairs have all come from counties with under 250,000 registered voters.

79 Percent Approval For Charlie Crist

  In the Florida gubernatorial fight, Democratic pollster ClearView Research just put out numbers for a hypothetical 2014 Dem gubernatorial primary. In a two-way matchup, ex-Gov. Charlie Crist (who only formally joined the Democratic Party days ago) beats 2010 nominee Alex Sink 55-34, with a rather high 79 percent of respondents saying they have a favorable view of Crist versus 58 for Sink.

The poll apparently also asked about another half-dozen (potential) contenders but it sounds like ClearView didn't release numbers for their because their name rec is so low. But the list, in case you are curious: Orlando Mayor Buddy Dyer, Fort Lauderdale Mayor Jack Seiler, former state Sen. Nan Rich, former AG Bob Butterworth, outgoing party chair Rod Smith, and former Tampa Mayor Pam Iorio. Only Rich has formally announced a challenge to first-term GOP Gov. Rick Scott, though.

Charlie Crist Regrets Gay Marriage Opposition

Charlie Crist regrets signing anti-gay marriage petition

Former Florida governor Charlie Crist, who recently joined the Democratic party after holding office as a Republican, says he regrets signing a peition in 2006 calling for a gay marriage ban in the state constitution. Crist is currently weiging another run for governor. 
"Would I do it today? No," Crist told reporters, according to the Tampa Bay Times. "I think the best way to judge where my heart is is to look at the deeds that I have done, whether as attorney general, governor -restoration of rights, civil rights cases, things of that nature that I think show a compassionate heart and hopefully someone who cares and knows who the boss is - and the boss is the people of Florida."

Tell Sen. Nelson Don't Give In With Medicare Cuts

President Obama and Democrats in the Senate are standing firm on their commitment to end the Bush Tax Cuts for the wealthiest 2%. But they're all over the place when it comes to protecting Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security—and that's unacceptable. 
It's unacceptable to MoveOn members like Catherine W. in North Carolina who wrote in with this personal story: 
"I had taught elementary school for 25 years when the brain tumor was discovered. My craniotomy left me disabled. I shudder to think what would have become of me and my family had it not been for Social Security Disability and Medicare. Please do not cut the programs that have given me back life." 
Some Senators, like Bernie Sanders and Tom Harkin, are on the record as standing strong.1 But others, like Senator Bill Nelson, have yet to publicly commit to do right by Catherine and the majority of Americans who voted last month to protect our social safety net. So we're joining with progressive allies to get every single Senate Democrat on the record, and we'll make that information accessible to MoveOn members, the media, bloggers, and the public so that we can hold each Senator accountable. 
Can you help get Sen. Nelson on the record by calling now and asking him:
"Do you commit to oppose any benefit cuts to Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid?"
Here's where to call: 
Senator Bill Nelson
Phone: (202) 224-5274
Then, please report your call by clicking here:
When you call, you'll be gathering important information on where Senate Democrats stand, and we'll use that knowledge to prepare a public scorecard of who's a champion for working families, who's wavering, and who's just plain weak-kneed. Then we'll focus our grassroots pressure on wavering Senators to build a bulwark in the Senate against any demands to cut benefits.
You'll be adding your voice to those of thousands of other MoveOn members making calls and rallying at Senators' and Representatives' offices today. Too many Democrats have been skirting the issue for too long, and it's time we get them on the record. 
Can you call your Senator now and ask him to commit to oppose any cuts to Social Security, Medicare, or Medicaid benefits?
Here's the info to make your call: 
Senator Bill Nelson
Phone: (202) 224-5274
Then, please report your call by clicking here:
Thanks for all you do.
–Ilya, Stefanie, Milan, Victoria, and the rest of the team 
1. "Senate liberals to Obama: 'Don't buckle' on cliff," Politico, November 14, 2012, 

Debbie Wasserman Schultz to stay on as his party's chairwoman

Some political analysts thought Wasserman Schultz wouldn’t continue in the grueling job. But for someone with a high national profile, there aren’t other avenues since House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi decided to continue in that job, a decision that meant there aren’t spots in Democratic House leadership available for people of Wasserman Schultz’ generation

President Barack Obama wants Florida Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz to stay on as his party's chairwoman, a Democratic official said Monday.
Wasserman Schultz has overseen the Democratic National Committee since early 2011. Party officials credit her in part with helping the president carry her home state of Florida, as well as leading the party to an expanded majority in the Senate and more seats in the House. 
Obama is asking DNC members to back Wasserman Schultz when they meet in January, just after the president's inauguration, said the official, who requested anonymity because this person was not authorized to discuss the matter publicly.
A mother of three and a breast cancer survivor, Wasserman Schultz, 46, has represented a reliably Democratic Fort Lauderdale-area district since 2005. Along the way she has earned a reputation as a workhorse and as an outspoken liberal happy to duke it out on television with her Republican counterparts.
Throughout the presidential election, Wasserman Shultz was a particularly prominent spokeswoman for Obama in Florida, the critical swing state where the president eked out a close win in the November election. As a Jew and a strong advocate for Israel, she also provided a bulwark for Obama against Republican efforts to paint him as anti-Israel.
Wasserman Schultz also buoyed her reputation as a fundraiser during the 2012 election cycle, with Democrats noting that she was particularly adept at bringing into the fold donors to Bill and Hillary Clinton who had been wary of supporting Obama. She supported Hillary Clinton in the 2008 Democratic presidential primary.
The president's support for Wasserman Schultz staying on was first reported by Politico.