Officials said later that Clunkers had not been suspended and that they were studying the situation.

The $1 billion Cash for Clunkers program may be nearly spent out. Learn how Uncle Sam is hoping to handle it and let us know if you might be affected

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Race for the Cure

Race for the Cure PDF Print E-mail

2009 Miami/Ft. Lauderdale Komen Race for the Cure
Saturday, October 17, 2009
Bayfront Park, Miami Florida

Check out last years race by clicking Here. 


Fla Dems outraise RPOF

Here's a switch: The Florida Democratic party outraised the state GOP in the three months that ended June 30, $1.19-million to $1.16. That's the first time that's happened in a second quarter since 1996, when the Division of Elections started putting the records online.
Both parties still spent more than they took in (including $250,000 in American Express charges the RPOF), though the GOP's numbers included $400,000 transferred to its federal account.
Democrats counted 1,740 donations and Republicans 224. The Democrats' biggest single donor was Charles Brink of Tampa, co-founder of the Mona Vie drink company who gave $100,000, and the DNC gave the state party $76,000. The Republicans' biggest single donor was TECO, which gave $70,000.
On3PR has again put together a handy spread sheet of all the state candidates' campaign finance numbers.
-- Adam Smith

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Forget The Spinning Heads America Perfers Democrats

The latest Research 2000 poll conducted from July 6-9, 2009 found that when adults were asked which party they would like to see more of in 2010, Democrats beat out the Republicans, 41% to 28%.

CNN has recently released a poll they conducted from June 26-28, 2009 that found that 50% of adults thought it was good for the country that the Democrats were in control of Congress.

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Dem chairman Ceasar pontificates on state, national politics

Also on the segment, Republican Rudy Fernandez from University of Miami and Democrat Robert Watson of Lynn University.

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Sherriff Ups The Ante In Jail Fight

al lamberti
Be careful what you wish for, because it might come true.
That's the warning Sheriff Al Lamberti today had for the county commissioners intent on taking over the Broward jails.
Commissioners are within their rights to take over the jails. They own them.
Lamberti has a contract with the county commission to operate them, as do most of the sheriff's in Florida.
The sheriff told me he always has the option of handing the jails over to commissioners if they push him too hard.
He appears sick of the commissioners' machinations. Sick of their backbiting. Sick of their threats.
So Lamberti threw the gaunlet down.
There is no laws requiring him to bid on the jails when his contract expires. Or he could ask to end the contract.
"When my contract is up, they just might get what they asked for," Lamberti said.
The sheriff's know that running the jails comes with a whole load of agida.
Lamberti lives daily with the potential of escapes. Hundreds of inmates are driven through downtown Fort Lauderdale every week.
The sheriff has to handle the health of 5,000 inmates. Many are frail. Many are sickly and many are HIV positive.
A federal judge is always breathing down Lamberti's neck, making sure he lives up to an agreement governing levels of jail staffing and services.
Do commissioners know what they are getting into?
That's the question the sheriff had for me when we talked at today's meeting of the Non-Group. That's the informal political luncheon put together by former state Rep. Ken Gottlieb and held every week at Laura's restaurant in Hollywood.
Wednesday's lunch with 34 activists is part of a grass roots campaign Lamberti has launched. He wants more support in his budget battle against the commission.
Commissioners are demanding Lamberti cut his budget by $52 million.
Lamberti said he was negotiating with the commission staff. He is willing to compromise.
"I have drawn no line in the sand," he said.
But commissioners are hypocrites. While pressing the sheriff to cut his budget, they voted to spend $100,000 to study taking over the jails.
The takeover study is the idea of Commissioner Sue Gunzburger, who is locked in a tough re-election battle against former Sen. Steve Geller. Now that the idea has been fermenting awhile, it is starting to smell purely political.
Sources inside the sheriff's department and the Government Center say the idea is being pushed by a union upset with Lamberti. And by insiders connected to Lamberti's defeated 2008 opponent Scott Israel.
One persistent rumor has commissioners taking the jail system away from Lamberti and putting Israel in charge.
Then Israel would bring in a private company to help manage the $230 million-plus jail system. Of course, lobbyists would get a big payoff for representing this private corrections company.
What do detention deputies and other employees get in the deal? Sold out by their union leaders.
What do commissioners get? New sources of campaign contributions from happy lobbyists and corrections companies.
You might find it hard to believe that the commissioners would be this politically arrogant.
Believe it.
After all, this is the ethically-challenged Broward County commission.
(An exception must be made here for Commissioner Kristin Jacobs. She voted against the jail study.)
I've got a suggestion for the commissioners. When they throw Lamberti out and draw up the contract for new managers, make two copies.
One for their files. One for the U. S. Attorney's Office.
Because I can guarantee if this seamy deal comes to pass, the U. S. Attorney will be interested.

Join Us For a Town Hall Meeting on Hate Crimes

Undo 2

No More Silence. No More Violence.

Swastikas spray painted on a synagogue in Parkland, "Osama binleden" on a mosque in Sunrise, "faggot" on homes and cars in Wilton Manors. And of course the brutal murder of Simmie Wiliams.

These a few of the attacks that give Broward County the highest rate of hate crime in the state of Florida.

Law enforcement officials acknowledge that hate crimes -especially those targeting the LGBT community are dramatically under-reported, with many victims reluctant to go to the police, and some police agencies not fully trained in recognizing or investigating hate crimes.

Equality Florida is proud to be part of a coalition effort to address Hate Violence in our community. Come to a town hall meeting immediately following the regularly scheduled Dolphin Democrats July meeting at the Gay & Lesbian Community Center, sponsored by the Broward County Sheriff's Office, GLCC, Anti-Defamation League, NAACP, Equality Florida, and OUT. Featured speakers include Broward County Sheriff Al Lamberti and Florida House Representative Ari Porth.

Join Us For a Town Hall Meeting on Hate Crimes
Wednesday, July 8th
7:30 pm to 9:00 pm

At the Gay & Lesbian Community Center
1717 North Andrews Avenue
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33311

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Providing the Best Health Care in the World For EVERY American

By Debbie Wasserman Schultz

Every day, injured and sick Floridians worry about whether they will be able to get better—and whether they can afford to. Millions of Americans across the country wonder if they can even continue to pay for routine care to stay healthy and prevent disease before it starts.

Some American families are lucky enough to have health care. Others don't have that luxury right now. But even the most fortunate of us are still paying high premiums, co-pays and deductibles.

You deserve access to the same kind of insurance that I have as a Member of Congress. I get to choose from a variety of plans from a number of companies, so that I can choose the level of coverage that is right for my family.

Since 2000 alone, average family premiums have increased by 88 percent in Florida. Roughly 9.8 million people in Florida get health insurance at work, where family premiums average $12,780 – about the annual earning of a full-time minimum wage job.

Twenty-one percent of middle-income Florida families spend more than 10 percent of their income on health care. Even families with a steady income can't hope for reasonable premium costs.

And we cannot forget the millions of uninsured in this country. Twenty-one percent of Floridians are uninsured, and 73 percent of them are in families with at least one full-time worker.

For these uninsured families this isn't just a matter of cost or inconvenience.

A recent study shows that more than six working age Floridians die every day because they don't have health insurance (study by Families USA released 3/2008).

The number of Floridians who get health insurance through their employer continues to decline - by three percent between 2000 and 2007 alone. Much of the decline is among workers in small businesses: While small businesses make up 78 percent of Florida businesses, only 39 percent of them offered health coverage benefits in 2006 – down 7 percent since 2000.

All of these statistics can only lead me to the conclusion that our health care system is broken. We may have the best health care in the world, but when tens of millions of Americans don't have access to that health care and millions more are under-insured or in danger of losing their health insurance, then the system has stopped working.

We need to work together to build a better way to take care of our citizens—one that covers every American and guarantees you have coverage whether or not you have a preexisting condition, or a job.

That is why I am fighting in Congress for a better health care system that costs less, covers more, and leaves no American without health care. Our goal is to make a competitive, fair marketplace for health care.

Let me be clear: if you like your current plan, you'll be able to keep it. Rather, we will build on our current system, so we can give you the freedom to choose what works best for you and your family. If you like your doctor, keep your doctor. If you like your current plan, keep your current plan. If you don't, or if you don't have one, then get one that works for you.

Our goal in Congress is to offer you a choice of doctors and plans, and guarantee affordable, quality health care for all. The program will ensure every American child is covered with the health care they need to grow up strong and healthy, with the assurance that they will never get turned away from the care they need and deserve.

We need this change for several reasons.

Right now, you can be denied health care coverage for a preexisting condition. With our new system, a preexisting condition won't disqualify you.

Right now, you can lose coverage if you lose your job. With our new system, health needs will be covered by insurance that can never be taken away, even if your employer drops your insurance, you change jobs, or you're out of work.

Right now, health care costs disadvantage American companies in the global economy—small businesses are sometimes forced to choose between coverage and layoffs. With our new system, this will not happen.

The solution we are proposing in Congress is uniquely American because it builds on the best of what works, fostering competition among insurance plans, while still focusing on patients' needs, not corporate profits.

To truly have the best health care in the world, we need to insure that every American has access to it and that's precisely what we are working on in Congress.

I hope to be an ally in government for all of the people in my district, fighting to keep the residents of South Florida safe and healthy. If you need help, you can reach my office in Pembroke Pines at (954) 437-3936, in Aventura at (305) 936-5724, in Washington, DC at (202) 225-7931, or on the internet at: wassermanschultz

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The LGBT Task Group of Broward County is asking you to stand up and make your voice heard.

The LGBT Task Group of Broward County is asking you to stand up and make your voice heard. Please go to
to participate in South Florida's first comprehensive census and needs assessment of the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and questioning community.

This year we celebrate the 40th Anniversary of the Stonewall Riots, an event that marks the beginning of the struggle of our community for full equality and protection under the law. Those freedoms inherent in our Constitution have not been handed to us on a silver platter. As with the struggle of women and African Americans, we have to stand up, be heard and demand those rights. For too long we have hidden in the background out of fear and shame. It is only in making our voices heard that we begin to change attitudes and laws.

Participation in The Count is another step in that direction. The confidential data and statistics from THE COUNT will be used by local government agencies, health and human service providers and LGBTQ organizations to:

• Increase the awareness of the needs of the LGBTQ Community.
• Affect public policy on quality of life issues.
• Indentify gaps in services for the LGBTQ Community.
• Provide resources for program development and funding for the LGBTQ Community.


Mark Adler, Chair LGBT Task Group Dave Wallace, Co-Chair LGBT Task Group

Executive Director Senior Relationship Manager
Sunshine Social Services United Way of Broward County
954-764-5150 954-462-4850 x116

LGBT Task Group Purpose Statement: To provide a forum that will promote dialogue and understanding within the LGBTQ Community for the purpose of developing and implementing specific strategies to improve the quality of life for our Community in Broward County.

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