Hillary Clinton At UM

Hillary Rodham Clinton Talks Social Change

The former U.S. secretary of state urges UM students to join the “participation generation,” and get involved.
Great event tonight at University Of Miami, With Former Secretary Of State, Hillary Clinton congratulations to President, Donna Shalala
staff and faculty, and a large congrats for making this about the students, the best seats in the house,went to UM students only.  
The most moving moment of the evening for me, was when, Hillary Clinton walked on stage, she made the announcement, that moments ago, Arizona Governor, Jan Brewer, has just vetoed, the anti-gay bill, the crowd of mostly UM students gave the largest yell and applause of the evening, Ladies and Gentlemen, this Country's future is in good hands.- Ron Mills

She spoke of the importance of everyone playing an active role in bettering society, noting that even the earliest Americans, such as farmers who would travel miles just to help build a barn, understood the concept.

She recalled attending a speech by Martin Luther King Jr. in Chicago and being inspired by the great civil rights leader’s plea for citizens to “participate in the cause of justice.” She talked about health care, renewable energy, and how she and President Obama had a shared vision of democracy and economic prosperity for Latin America.

Just a few of the Thousands of UM Students who turned out for Hillary Clinton

Help Phone Bank For Alex Sink For Congress

We are opening phone banks for Alex Sink running for Congressional Seat 13. We are 

starting Monday 2-17-14 5pm at the Camp Live Oak Office, 1131 NE 45th St, Oakland Park, FL 33334
(954) 491-2917 

If you can join us you would need to use your own cell 

phone, we would be making long 

distance calls. I will ask today if they can provide some cell 

phones. Would you please give 

me a few hours of your time? I would greatly appreciate your help..It's a close race.. As 

always if we can get Democrats out to vote ..she will win.. Please let me know ASAP Thank you .. Ken Evans 954-684-3690

Senator Sachs Press Conference with Victims of Parasailing Accidents Regarding Parasailing Legislation

 Seventeen-year old Alexis Fairchild was on vacation in Panama City last year when she lifted into the air strapped to a parasail. Moments later, caught in the fierce winds of an approaching storm, she and her teenage friend dangled helplessly after their tow line snapped, hurtling them into a 13-story building and power lines before both teens crashed to the ground.
Ms. Fairchild, who suffered a traumatic brain injury from the accident, will join state Senator Maria Sachs (D-Delray) on Thursday to talk about her horrifying experience, and the largely unregulated parasailing industry in the state. Joining them will be Shannon Kraus and Crystal White. Ms. Kraus is the mother of Amber White, a 15-year old Florida teenager killed in a similar parasailing tragedy in 2007. Crystal is Amber’s older sister, who was parasailing with Amber when their tow line also snapped as a storm approached, and suffered permanent brain damage as a result.
All of the women are supporting legislation sponsored once again by Senator Sachs for the upcoming session which would improve safety standards and impose certain weather restrictions for parasailing operators.
The press conference will be held Thursday, Feb. 13, 2014 at 8:30 a.m. on the Plaza Level  of the Capitol.

Peas in A Pod: Washington Lobbyist David Jolly Raising Cash From Rick Scott

 This morning, Washington Lobbyist David Jolly is raising campaign cash from Governor Rick Scott – who was responsible for the largest Medicare fraud in U.S. history.
“When it comes to making Pinellas seniors pay more, Washington Lobbyist David Jolly and Rick Scott are two peas in a pod,” said Florida Democratic Party spokesman Joshua Karp. “Just like Scott, Lobbyist Jolly would protect unfair tax loopholes for his corporate clients and the wealthiest few while balancing the budget on the backs of seniors: praising the Ryan Budget that turns Medicare into a costly voucher program, supporting privatizing Social Security, and pushing for a return to the Medicare prescription drug donut hole. Just like Rick Scott, seniors simply can’t trust Washington Lobbyist David Jolly.”
Lobbyist Jolly praised the Ryan Budget that turns Medicare into a costly voucher program. And on Social Security, Lobbyist Jolly said it’s “not guaranteed,” and “everything should be on the table, including private accounts,” – a disastrous idea that would force seniors to gamble with their retirement in the Stock Market.  Jolly also lobbied for an extreme group whose founder supported privatization.
Lobbyist Jolly and Rick Scott also both support radical repeal of the Affordable Care Act, which would re-open the Medicare Prescription Drug Donut Hole, eliminating $186 million in savings for over 226,000 Medicare beneficiaries in Florida. USA Today recently wrote that Jolly’s repeal “would mean higher costs” for everyone.

This is real - we could lose tonight in Pembroke. Need everyone there

Dear Broward leaders,

After more than a year of work the first Pembroke Pines vote to add DP benefits for city employees, firefighters, and police is tonight.  I have met with the swing vote and believe there is a very real chance we could lose 3-2.   I fear that a general disbelief in our community that Pembroke Pines could conceivably vote against domestic partnership in this day and age has folks taking lightly a very difficult vote.

We need a show of force tonight.  Please email me back to let me know if you can attend (meeting details below in our action alert).  Feel free to call me on my cell if you want to discuss strategy - 954-682-6094.

Here's the latest:

Commissioner Angelo Castillo has put forward a motion to provide health care coverage to same sex couples who marry in another state.  Although this sounds like a fine thing to do, it's also likely a ploy to restrict DP benefits to these couples only.  While we can support the motion, it is absolutely not enough.   Forcing same sex couples to travel to another state and marry just to receive basic health insurance for their partners is unfair.  Beyond that, all unmarried partners, gay and straight, need these vital benefits.  Which is why nearly every DP policy in Florida is accessible to both same sex and opposite sex partners (and opposite sex partners are the majority of enrollees).

Also, despite admitting at the workshop that their numbers are complete guesswork, the city's actuaries continue to cling to a ridiculous cost estimate that we believe is 10 times too high.  I'll send more on that separately.

Commissioner Iris Siple, who is an all out hero and who has been fighting this battle while also undergoing chemotherapy, has put forward a motion to draw up a comprehensive domestic partner benefits policy.

Bottom line is they need to hear a clear unified voice from our community that these benefits are essential, that Pembroke employees have waited far to long, and there will be shock if Pembroke does not take this very basic step towards fairness.


PS - Here is a link to Pembroke Pines equality rating by HRC.  Note that at 43 Pembroke Pines is one of the lowest rated cities in Florida.  However even that number is generous.  If it were not for the bonus points Pembroke receives because of policies Broward County has passed, Pembroke's score would be a 7.     http://www.hrc.org/files/assets/resources/MEI_pembrokepines_2013.pdf